Renovations that Add the Most Resale Value to your Home

Get a home energy audit so you can see just where the holes in your home’s envelope are.

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Spring is a time for new projects and many homeowners take advantage of the warmer weather to tackle renovations. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or are relying on a contractor, you want to know that you are getting the most out of every home-improvement dollar.

Not all home renovations are created equally and some will give you more resale value and will help you to save money on your monthly bills.

Start with the Facts

Get a home energy audit so you can see just where the holes in your home’s envelope are. An energy audit is well worth the investment as it will show you exactly where your home-improvement dollars are most needed. You can also do a home energy audit yourself.

Make your Home More Efficient

Make a list of the top seven things that can be done to improve your building envelope. Having an efficient home will help to improve its resale value and reduce your monthly bills.

  • Conduct your test on a windy, cool day
  • Turn off all combustion appliances such as gas-burning water heaters and furnaces
  • Close all openings like windows, doors and flues if you have fireplaces
  • Suck the air out of your home by turning on all exhaust fans, dryer vents, bathroom fans, stove fans etc.
  • Light a stick of incense and walk slowly from room to room, paying particular attention to places where leaks are common like around windows and electrical outlets
  • Smoke that is blown in or sucked out will show you where the leaks are

Rebates and incentives will help you to decide which energy-efficient renovations will give you the best return on your investment. Your local government will provide rebates, tax credits, incentives and coupons for improvements that reduce your energy and water consumption.

Add on a Bedroom

The number of bedrooms a home has dramatically influences the price. Add on an extra bedroom to increase your home’s value. Buyers tend to only look for listings with the number of bedrooms they need, so adding a room here will open up the market for you.

Prospective buyers can also use the added rooms for offices, gyms etc. too many rooms are never the problem that too few may pose.

Make your Home Safer

ICF systems help to block out ambient noise so your home is up to 30% quieter.

Nothing is more appealing than a home that is efficient, quiet and safe. Using ICFs is a great way to really increase the value of your home. Insulated Concrete Forms are wall and basement systems that are cost effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

ICF systems have an incredible R-value of R-32 – R-53. Homes built with ICFs are also more adept at withstanding hurricanes and tornadoes, floods, earthquakes and fires.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Prospective homeowners are really attracted to homes which don’t need a kitchen or bathroom renovation. HGTV predicts that homeowners can expect a 60-120% recovery on kitchen renovations and 80-130% by adding another bathroom to homes which only have one.

Keep your renovations simple with good quality fixtures that are in keeping with the rest of the house and the neighborhood.

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Open it Up

Modern buyers want homes that are light and open. If you have an older home where each room is separate, consider knocking down some of the walls to open the space up. Add new windows, but be sure to invest in energy-efficient models that don’t compromise the efficacy of your home’s envelope.

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